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Community alerts/Tokelo Mahlakoane/ Moroke, Sekutlong/19-05-2018, 18:39]

Yesterday at Royal House of MagadimaneNtweng they were relocating two graves that found on the road between Serafa and Makobakobe, the graves don’t have names, they leaved behind by Twickenham Mine the time they relocate some to Magobading. There’s a project of road that is about to start so when they are busy graveling the road they saw big bones, when the continued they found other one, they found it between Serafa village and Makobakobe village the section called” Dikganong” there’s is River next to the village. The people were living there they relocated by Twickenham mine from Makobakobe to Magobading village

Story by : Tokelo Mahlakoane

Community alerts/Mmathapelo Thobejane/Ditoebeleng/28-05-2018, 10:23]

Follow-up for the human bones that was discovered along the road between Makobakobe and (Dikganong) and Serafa.

The matter was taken to Polokwane to the archaeologist who discovered that the bones are more than 100- 200 years and they can’t find s connection to the people who were relocated to Magobading. The grave remains unknown by the community. Information from source who want to remain anonymous

Addition to Tokelo Mahlakoane story on 19/05/2018