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Illegal diamond panner was brutally murdered by a company security

Josphat 2/01/2018 Marange

As it happened yesterday on 29th day of December 2017 at Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company in Marange area known as ‘Chiadzwa’ where an illegal diamond panner was brutally murdered by a company security detail. Company security dog handlers(names not stated) arrested 11 illegal diamond prospectors in the ‘red zone’ area. The security then raised on their supervisor to ferry the accused persons to the police base, on arrival of the supervisor (Mr Churu) and his other companion he is said to have asked the arresting securities” ko sei vasina madhoti” and he then told the accused to lie down on their stomach. After that Mr Churu and his other securities started to beat the illegal panners(gwejas) until they couldn’t walk. After that were satisfied they told them to board the vehicle which they did and the accused persons realised they were not being taken to the police base but instead the vehicle was being driven to the security base where they were going to be brutally beaten again. 8 accused persons managed to escape and only 3 couldn’t walk properly and fell down. Then Mr Churu and his crew began to brutalise the gwejas saying that,”murikufira yevamwe venyu vamaregera vachitiza’, and they used stones and heavy metal objects to brutalise the gwejas. The deceased asked for drinking water and the supervisor said to him ‘kutoda mvura kuti wauya kumugodhi here’ and they continued brutalising them and after a few minutes the deceased stopped breathing and died. After the securities notices what they have done they took the two remaining injured gwejas to the police base where they didn’t tell the police of the murder they had committed. The arrested two gwejas told the police of what has transpired that’s when they went searched for the deceased body and found It with many injuries and it was referred to Marange mortuary. Waiting for postmortem and the deceased relatives where called to identify the body which they did on the 30th of December 2017. Mr Churu and his accomplices have been arrested by Mutare CID and is detained at Marange police station still under further investigations. These securities are killing people like they are killing chickens.