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Community alerts/Aubrey Thobejane/Modimole/20-05-2018

Today here at Modimole village (20 may 2018) we had a meeting about the KPL mining company that intended to mine here at our farm(116kt)and now the people who brought the company here are the ones who are now conducting the  consultation for the company they don’t allow us to ask questions they says they have already finalized everything with the headman, the company owners and Marula platinum mine authorities, because  Marula platinum mine was the ones who were intending to mine our through their existing shaft (hybrid) since Marula has shown no more interest of mining this portion of Hackney farm they want to give the community the mining rights through the DMR so this people who brought the company here are taking advantage of that with the help of  the headman, on 15 may 2018 they went to the DMR offices with the headman(E M Mashabela) and the Marula legal team to try to change the mining rights the KPL mining company but they were told to  follow the relevant procedure, at now they claim that the DMR officials has give them the go ahead and that’s not  true because on Monday I meet with Marula legal team to enquire about this transaction the Marula legal team told me that there are some certain procedures to follow, and they are taking advantage of the community because they don’t know anything about how to start a mine and which procedures to follow. The even ask the community to elect the trust funds members and the community did, when I ask questions they says I am against development and say they hungry they need jobs this mine is going to eradicate poverty and unemployment

Story by: Aubrey Thobejane