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Machetes must be banned in Shurugwi……. As murders spike.

Story by Happious chingwaya of shurugwi community development trust(SCDT) 3/04/18
The government must deal with rising murder and assault cases in mining areas of Shurugwi by banning of machetes and other dangerous weapons. Citizens bemoaned the high levels of violence being perpetuated in Shurugwi. “With the increasing use of machetes as weapons, resulting in rising murder and assault cases in all gold mining areas especially in wanderer mine.
As citizens living in fear of being attacked we urge the government to quickly take measures of banning weapons in the gold mining fields to protect the innocent souls.According to an abservation made disputes led to murder cases emanated from ownership of gold mining claims by those who are greedy. Awareness campaigns must be conducted to dissuade them from engaging in illicit mining and to ensure that they register their claims since it is believed to be the major cause of chaos and fights.