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Marange development trodden under politicians heavy boots

Billian Matambo Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Workers Union (ZIDAWU)./ 4/01/2018

Have our problems became an advantage and base for campaign for politicians?.Are we being taken for a ride or have we reached highest level of insanity ?.All these questions were in everybody’s mind who attended Minister Mushohwe’s rally held at Mutsago shopping centre in ward 24 on the 24th of March 2018 after being given a void response by the minister concerning the condition of Chiadzwa road and bridges.

On that rally one courageous ,fearless middle aged guy asked the minister how he had reached at Mutsago shopping centre considering the state of the road we are using.The road is in shambles ,rigidity and dusty. The bridges at Nyahowa and Musatya river left nothing to be desired. Its a nightmare for motorists. The water at Nyahowa bridge flows 50 to 80cm above the bridge which spreads almost a distance of 20m .Motorists drives at 2km per hour when passing through the bridge. While the bridge at Musatya lied unfinished since 2008 with concrete slubs lying around the area. Heavy mine trucks to and from Zimbabwe Consolidation Diamond Company are causing more damage to the road without maintaining it.

When asked what he is doing about the road ,the member of parliament for Manicaland Minister Chris Mushohwe said the coming of opposition in 2008 disturbed his plans to construct Chiadzwa road and bridges. However he said now that he had completed two terms in power ,if voted for the third time he promised that he will fix the bridges and completed the unfinished tarred road.

Now the million dollar question in every Marange resident’s mind is ,after failing to complete constructing the bridges in 10years, is there any possibility that in 5 years time the bridges and the road will be completed?.Do we need development or promises?. Is our cry for proper roads and bridges trapping us into the game of politics?. This calls for wisdom

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