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Mining companies subbotage economy and dump community


Story by Philemon Mokuele/Gwanda small scale miners association/6/04/2018

Rainy season might be good to many but a bloody blow to two major mining companies Caledonia (blanket mine)and Vumbachikwe mine which are 16km from Gwanda town .These mining companies have got one road from Gwanda town which passes through one way mutshabezi bridge which is always flooded juring the rainy season .

Caledonia (blanket mine) is one of the best producers of gold in the country and Vumbachikwe is one of the deepest mine in the country which automatically reflects they constitute a bigger part of the economy.

When we receive heavy rains the mtshabezi bridge over flow for more than 24hrs and most mine workers who stay in town won’t manage to go to work coz there is only one way to their work places .Mining industry work 24hrs and hours of less production is a blow to our economy which desperately need every ounce of gold produced every minute like yesterday .

What comes as a surprise to the gwanda community who are the rightfully owners of the God given gift of Gold mined by these mining giant’s is the ignorance of construction of the mtsabezi bridge which they have used for decades enjoying the Gold from Gwanda and investing profits in their countries of origin.

Loss of production from stopped hours when the bridge over flow affects the country’s economy and the community expect that ploughing little profits in the construction of mtshabezi bridge from their God given gift can not be a loss to the mining giants who enjoyed gold profits for decades in Gwanda.