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Minister of Mineral tells the youth of Kanana and Huma that tailings and its left over minerals belongs to the mine

Community Alerts/Mzawufani Dodovu/Jouberton;Klerksdorp/11/05/2018

Today is the mining charter consultative meeting at James Motlatsi sports complex Vaal Reefs Matlosana in the North west province, South Africa. The meeting is to have the community and other stakeholders input in the new charter following the appointment of Mr S.G Mantashe as the minister of mineral resources. All invited stakeholders and communities around Matlosana are giving their concerns and the team from DMR are noting them and written submissions are also taken. The minister is also responding to some of the concerns raised.


Anglo Ashanti tailings In Vaal reefs in the North West province South Africa. On the 11th of May 2018 the unemployed youth of Kanana and Khuma addressed the Minister of Mineral Resources Mr S.G Mantashe at the mining charter consultation meeting, that the government and the DMR should afford them the opportunity of reclaiming the left-over minerals in the tailing dams. They were told by the minister that the tailings belong to the mine and there are laws regulating them. They responded by saying, that they are going to reclaim them by force, with or without the authorization of the department. By Mzawufani Dododvu