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Community alerts/Jerry Swafo/Ga-mampa/24-05-2018, 11:42]

Malegase primary school is situated at Ga-Mampa village in Sekhukhune area, parents are not happy about the elections of Schools Governing Body (SGB) that happened.  Their complains is that they were given wrong information about the elections date and they just find out that one of the parent that was chosen does not have a child who attend in the school and the other parent she is going to be SGB for the fifth time in a row.

The parents took this matter to the circuit manager but they find that he was not present they left their letter his assistance. Now they are surprised because the principal told them that the circuit manager Mr Nkosi took the matter to the seniors and they will let them the responses. Parents are worried because the elections was supposed to be concluded end of March and now it’s already May but they will keep on going to the school principal until this matter is resolved.

Story by : Swafo Walter (Jerry)