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The Divide and Rule Weakens Community’s attempts for Unity  


Community alerts/Gilbert Moela/Limpopo, Monametse/11-05-2018

Residents of Monametse Community, a Village in Limpopo province are at loggerheads over the illegal chrome mining taking place in the village. Over the past weeks the community held several meetings with a hope of uniting the whole residents to be one and strong with similar goals. The hunger for money and power has seen some of the community members being bribed (those with close ties to InDuna) by investors to support them into defying community’s wishes of looking for an legal investors. With new mining development coming to the village, the community now finds it hard to elect the structure/ committee that will engage with the new developer (Bauba Platinum) which seeks to extend its current operation into the village. Some of community members on conditions of anonymity have stressed that, they community has for the past years missed out on prosperous benefits from mining companies as a results of this tensions between themselves. The community has for the past two days (10&11) held meetings with an aim of resolving the matters but the indunas have refused to be part all the meetings.


Story by: Gilbert Moela