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Umtshabezi River Bridge A Cause for Concern

Lungile Masuku, Gwanda Community Economic Justice Development Trust (GCEJDT) 04/04/18

UMtshabezi river bridge connects Blanket, Vumbachigwe, Bar 20, Freda and Cinderella mines with Gwanda town. The bridge is very narrow and low and a danger to both motorists and pedestrians. Accidents have occurred in recent years. UMtshabezi river bridge is within the Municipality of Gwanda jurisdiction. During the rainy season the bridge would be full to capacity thus making it difficult for people to cross.
There children from the above mentioned gold mining companies who attend schools in Gwanda town and when the river is full, their right to education is compromised as they will spend days not going to school. Also, in cases of emergency, expecting mothers’ right to reproductive health care is compromised as there is no other route to Gwanda Provincial Hospital which is a referral institution. They have to pass through UMtshabezi river bridge.

The community is therefore appealing to the Ministry of Transport and the Mining companies to rehabilitate UMtshabezi river bridge.