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Village head’s undemocratic practices cost community

12/5/17 Josphat Makaza CCDT

The Mining company  came in 2015 with an exploration license. There were reports that Murai , Masvure and Chapeyama villages had diamond deposits. They occupied an area fifty metres from the dipping tank. Since there was no water in the area they approached our village head, James  Masvaure and offered him US $20  to get water from the community borehole. Our borehole was sold $20 to the mine. When the government chased them away following reports of non-compliance to environmental regulations our borehole had already stopped working. The community cannot afford to repair or mend and even raise money for new pipes. The communities today are travelling long distance to get water for livestock.  The company is nowhere to be found, our village head, weak and fragile cannot do anything to ensure the borehole start working again or provide water to the community. The community is asking, how can undemocratic practices and tendencies by local leaders that risk’s lives and livestock can be reduced. The borehole used to provide water to the community and livestock