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We demand for our local Employment quarter at Unki mine.

Story by Happious chingwaya from shurugwi community development trust. (SCDT) 4/05/18

Good day ladies and gentlemen. I come to you today at time when a lot is happening in our motherland especially in my district of origin Shurugwi. To Begin with, i am baffled by the attitude of one giant mining antity in my community,In a period when the whole nation is calling for inclusivity and transformasion, unki mine has shown us that all it cares about is its profit and not the livelihoods of the people around them.
When this mining company ventured our community we thought the unemployed ratio of the youths was going to be addressed, but believe me only less twenty have managed to get employed by now. Our hope for jobs revived when we expected some of youths was going to be employed at smelter which expected to be commissioned in june 2018,but Unfortunately we being told that it highly mechanised it is going to create 60 jobs for artisans only, which of cause is just a lame excuse to disqualify our youths.
My main worry is that its never progressive to surround prosperity with poverty. Let us not willingly and consciously create candidates for zimbabwe prisons.

We demand work, Work,job,employment,basa,Umsebenzo.