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ZDCDC meet Headman of Chiadzwa

Refias Sithole 8 /02/2018

Yesterday thZCDC representatives met with headman chiadzwa’s community at his homestead to discus their grievances to the mining company . This came after some two days ago villagers from Tonhorai and other surrounding villages demonstrated and blocked the buses which carries workers from the mine. The communities accused the mining company of failing to employ people from the local but instead employing non local people in the mine and demanded the company for explanation .However Marange development trust representative and the newly formed Bocha development trust representative attended the meeting but unfortunately we together with headman Mukwada were denied entry into the meeting as we also wanted to follow the proceedings upon hearing the company wanted to talk with the people of headman Chiadzwa . Headman Chiadzwa said the people from headman mukwada were not invited to the meeting and shld not attend.  However we followed the proceedings of the meeting outside their premises . After the meeting the people were not happy about how the selected committee represented  and handled their grievance to the company.



Billian Matambo (ZIDAWU)

Dated: 07/02/2018

The events leading to the successful demostration by Chiadzwa Community points to a society that has now ressurected from being passive observers in matters to do with socio- economic matters of their area. The Security agents of Zimbabwe and the management of Zimbabwe consolidated company(Zcdc) was caught un aware by the disgruntled youths. On a cool day of of 05 Feb 2018 they blocked all zcdc traffic coming to the diamonds mining concession. They did the un imaginable thing in front of the much feared diamond base security in Tonhorai village.

This action prompted the Zcdc management to drive all the way from their base in Harare about 450km. This was after the army personnel discovered the numbers were swelling to hundreds.

On the 07th of February more than 600 unemployed youths and elders regrouped at headman Chiadzwa. This time Even Community leaders were around. And Zidawu was among the organisations that was available. The issues raised were grouped into 4 vis-aviz ;
* Employment:- zcdc was accused of not employing locals whom they accused as diamonds thieves ,unreliable and un trustworthy. The Zcdc officials were also accused of demanding bribes from jobless youths in order to be offered jobs. Some testified to have bn ordered to pay as much as $300- us dollars.

The zcdc responded that its policy is zero tolerance to corruption and promised to take action against the accused culprits. They cited an example of two officials who had already been dismissed. In terms of recruitment, the company said that they have employed 1260 and 608 of them are locals. However, as Zidawu we still need to verify thiz figures.

The other reason for the demostration was lack of infrastructural development in Chiadzwa. One can hardly believe that this is a land of diamonds. The shops, clinics and schools is of poor standards. The roads are so dusty and rugged.literary this place is lagging behind in terms of development.

Another thorny issue was that one Enviromental degradation being caused by formal mining. Open pits are now death traps for Human beings and livestock. Mosquitoes are also breeding in open pools during this rainy season. To this the management said they are already rehabilitating the land.

The last category of complaints is that of Security. The Community remains a victim of sexual and physical assaults, lack or limited freedom of movement and association. There had bn an upsurge of dog bites and deaths due to recklessness of Zcdc security. A recent case was cited of a security guard mr Churu who is facing a murder charge after assaulting an artisinal miner to death.

The company apologised on these and expressed regret on those incidence and promised to start working with ward 30 residents of Chiadzwa.

On a sad note I was not happy with the way our headman of Mukwada and his entourage who was not allowed to enter the gate to headman Chiadzwa homestead. It was alleged that he belongs to ward 29 and was not invited. They spent more than 4hours outside the yard.