Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Zimbabwe Tunatazama Workshop

Compiled and condensed by Billian Matambo(ZIDAWU)

DATE: 25-27 MARCH 2018

The workshop was hosted by Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) in collaboration with Benchmarks and was attended by a group of 17 people from different CBOs, CSOs, and small scale miners from different parts of Zimbabwe. The main agenda was to share ways we can use to oil and improve our story reporting tactics.

Mr Joshua Machinga of Zela presented ways in which stories are suppose to be packed and packaged. He said first one must know the intended targeted audience first .The sensitivity of the information, culture of the people, their frustration and fears ,powers that include hidden ,visible and invisible ,time frame etc must be put into consideration when gathering information. Noting all these factors will enhance the inevitability of the story or report. He said also when writing reports there must be frequency, which is value change analysis.

Mr Bobby Marrie of Benchmarks emphasized on how to write a good effective report saying it must include the 5Ws and 1H which means must address why ,what ,when ,who,where and how. Also that when gathering community voices one has to consider the feeling, emotions and reactions of those affected. He said the first stage is observing the problem ,noting the causes and digging deeper the consequences. The use of photographs ,audios and videos also help as evidence to support a good report.

Miss Fadzai of Zela lectured on how one can construct an eye catching must read report. She said first the title must not be very long and must captivate the attention of the targeted audience. While the introduction must be just like a mini skirt,long enough to cover the essentials short enough to retain interest with the inclusion of the objectives in it and must generate attention and interest of the reader to even go deeper into the body of the report. While the body of the story should be well detailed and straight to the point . In conclusion she said the benefits of good writing will help develop relationship, overcome obstacles, higher engagement, to have more friends and connections, recover and stockpile memories, put life events into perspective etc.