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Ashtma destroying the old and the young

Community alerts, Vusi Lawrence Mabaso, Emalahleni Empumelelweni, 2018/05/18

Asmatic problem is destroying young and old people at Emalahleni especially in the area called Vosman because of the mines surrounding the area. Though the National Air Quality Officer declared the Highveld as the HPA in 2007 nothing has been done to control the air quality but more mines are being opened .This young son named Fezokuhle Lungelo Mbatha aged 03 is suffering from asthma since he was born . His grandparents decided to buy him a breathing assisting machine which works using electric and when it starts they see him coming blood from the nose then after that he could hardly breath. If there is electric power failure they have to rush to the clinic ext 5 if no help they drive to ext 10 sometimes also they tell them no gas the bottle is gone to be refilled even if they ask for nerve drops is not there. Two family members from the same family is suffering from sinus and the worst part is that they are staying not far from the mine
Story by Vusi Laurence akaMabaso