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Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Mogase View-Soweto/12/06/2018



Rapule, Dawn, Charles, Katie

It’s so funny how the George Harrison park is declared till further notice and how possible is that because as we speak it’s a busy side in that area.

Now we have a police station on the same street where the park is situated and its troubling because the police don’t allow anyone else but the Zama’s and when the place is closed till further notice it means that the gate must be sealed or locked till it is declared opened by city parks as it is the one in charge. The board is clear because it states entry is prohibited but there are illegal activity’s taking place while surely there’s a court order for the closure of the place and the police work together with the Zama’s and don’t want even the community to enter the park. By Rapule, Dawn, Charles, Katie