Rapule, Charles, Dawn, Katie



CRG wanted to close the mine but with rubble and the community wants the rehabilitation of that area not dumping of rubble on the holes because holes could be opened again. The Zama Zama’s dig till they find the spot where they can start the operations and no one can stop them as the Charles and others went to the police to report the crime but no help was given since the police in Langlaagte are involved with the Zama’s.

The Zama’s undermine the community of Reverlea since theres unemployment and because they are mining illegally what belongs to the community of Reverlea and that young girls throw themselves to them because of what the Zama’s have and what they can provide when they go into the community

The councillor wants to hear nothing because he may be benefiting from illegal mining taking place in Reverlea.

Zama’s have different shifts, shifts changes every 3 days a week. They only know the middle men that they talk to the taxi association is connected with them for transportation as they always wait for an empty taxi to take them home. They don’t care, not afraid and move any how in the street as if they work for a construction company around Langlaagte or Reverlea. At one point there was a protest at zamimpilo and it was about the demand for RDP houses.

The legalisation of illegal mining is a problem not only for the government of ANC, education system, safety, health system, environmental rights will be compromised and crime will rise .There are house breakings during the day when home owners are not around school kids at schools. These is the question asked that who in his right mind can give licence’s to mines to operate where there are firms, houses and schools it shows that the very same people who keeps on lying to citizens that they want a better life for all while that better life is only for themselves and their families. By Rapule, Dawn, Charles, Katie