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Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Mogase View-Soweto/12/06/2018



Charles, Rapule, Katie, Dawn

These school is not far from the mine and George Harrison park, operations of Zama’s take place daily while the school is Operating and learners have to looked after by the school security even when they are play grounds because the school fence is not far from the side of mine.

On the side of the schools side walk the Zama’s left the carry bag and these shows that police, the city of Jo’burg region 4,the government knows about the danger of having the Zama’s around but instead of addressing these problem they don’t and now these 100 year’s old school will be closed because of these illegal activities next to the school and laterally the safety and health of all learners, teachers and workers in companies around that area is compromised. By Rapule, Dawn, Charles, Katie