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Dismissal still haunts community of Tigane

Community Alerts/David Gaanakgomo/Tigane-Klerksdorp/18/06/2018

The unfair dismissal of employees of Shiva Uranium mine has left a huge impact in our community. Still after that justice was not done. The unemployment rate of Tigane community went high last year in September when Shiva Uranium decided to dismiss its employees with immediate effect. The workers were negotiating a salary raise while seeing to it that the company’s production is still going on. The HR manager promised to meet their demands until month end when they faced the reality. The loyal employees went to their respective banks with high hopes until they met the real world, their used salaries, R1800,00. When they approached the HR manager, Joseph their contracts of employment were immediately terminated.


The workers and their families went to the streets with the hopes that the local authority, the municipality, will intervene, instead it became violent and the properties were torched. Among the destroyed buildings it was a church and a police station. The destroyed church is next to the clinic and the clinic used to utilize it for its campaigns as the clinic itself is too small. The community now don’t have the police station, they have to go to town for services like reporting crime, certifying of documents and affidavit.

Was it not because of the unfair dismissal, all these would have not happened. Our youth who had high hopes of going to tertiary institutions this year are at home because their breadwinners are unemployed, so they could not go to reach their dreams as they need finance to go to the nearest institutions.

By David Gaanakgomo at Tigane