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 Environment damage/ Truck Accident at Mitec Junction

by Kachuñu Noah/KwetuVoice/Solwezi/Northwestern Province.
Today around 09:30,a Tanker Truck moving from Kansanshi Mine has fallen down spilling acid and oil. The story is that the truck starting loosing control after passing the general hospital, it lacked breaks and the driver started warning. People did not pay quick attention. They only realise the truck lost control at the traffic lights, the tank went to hit on the small bus then the truck fell. So far no life has been lost but the driver was quickly taken to hospital.

Response: Firetender from Solwezi Municipal Council came to the scene after 30 minutes. The police and RTSA also came a earlier than the Fire Brigade. Kansanshi Rescue Team also came to the scene. Currently they are all involved in controlling the follow of the Acid and oil spilling on the ground.

It is sad to note that the ZEMA which is Zambia Environmental Management Agency was not at the accident scene and the acid was just being buried by the team from the council by digging where acid and oil should go and cover it with gravel and soil.
Question: How can an accident that spills dangerous acid to the environment be controlled?