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Illegal dumping of waste materials

Community alerts, Promise Mabilo, Emalahleni Mpumelelweni, Mpumalanga, 31/05/2018

This is how waste is dumped Empumelelweni Emalahleni due to that there is no waste collection in the whole area around mpumelelweni residents just dumb near the stream where it was an alternative for us when we are out of water now you will never rely in that stream due to that waste only those who are making bricks are able to use that water

In another area I met residents from emaplotini that walks a kilo to get water they said they don’t get water from the municipality at all they rely from their neighborhood where a water truck comes twice a week sometimes they don’t even get a drop as they are many the water get finished without all of them getting a bucket then they are forced to walk a distance to get water when I asked them what does the cllr says about this situation they said He told them to wait for the survey that they don’t know when is gonna come I advised them to take a step forward they agreed,to be continued
By promise mabilo, VEM