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Poor governance and lack of leadership

Community Alerts/Rorisang Rapodile/Wonderkop-Rustenburg/15/06/2018

In Wonderkop cattle where moved away from the community 5 to 6 years ago, because they have a illness that transfer to human. In my research cattle transmit zoophytic diseases to humans in a variety  ways, an  infected cow bodily fluids such as blood, tissues, urine contains pathogens that has bacteria. Bacteria disease caused by bacillus anthracite which forms spores that survive for years in the environment, so baruwa kgomo (Livestock owners)  had to move their cattle’s to Kwarikraal a land that is near Wonderkop and it is owned by Bapo ba Mogale.

In 2017 baruwa kgomo (Livestock owners) received a letter of eviction that they must take their cattle’s and leave Kwarikraal because it is  a privately owned land, baruwa kgomo (Livestock Owners)  knew that it is their land and they didn’t move, they then received another letter but it was a court letter that they have to attend about the land that is privately owned ,in February they were in court but the plaintiff didn’t attend,the date was changed until now that baruwa kgomo called a community meeting asking for help from Kgosana(Headman/Chief) as to find out who sold the land and who is the owners,  no answers till now. The community took a decision that all baruwa kgomo (Livestock owners) must take their cattle to Kwarikraal as the are some cattle’s roaming around the community before the end of this year 2018 the must be no cattle in the community of Wonderkop

Kgosana said “from now on I’ll make sure that my people are not abused and I’ll protect each structure in my land ,now I’ll lead this land”. By Rorisang Rapodile