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Small business make no profit because of theft and corruption

Community Alerts/Rorisang Rapodile/ Wonderkop-Rustenburg/26/05/2018

Paying rent to the landlord and the police, it doesn’t make any sense. Alice a 29 year young business lady in Wonderkop, owns a fruit and veg shop which creates job even though it one person but it is making a difference. She pays her employee R1000 every month and the landlord R500, and not always she sells well but still manages her business very well even if sometimes she gets robbed and things get rotten that means she is losing. The strange thing now is she is also paying the police twice a month total amount R700, questions are why does she pay the police. If she doesn’t pay they close the shop, now what do we call that? Who must she report to if the police are the ones who does that? well those are questions that we ask and still won’t have answers. This simply shows that our police are corrupt.our safety is at risk now if we pay the police for a shop to run on daily bases.this must come to an end corruption must fall