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The Phola / Ogies protest calmed

Community alerts, Lorraine Kakaza, Carolina, Mpumalanga, 2018/05/30

[30/05, 14:32] Lorraine-MP: The community of Phola are protesting because South 32 didn’t do consultation and they have extended their operation on people’s land at Extension 8 at the location yesterday the community of phola yesterday stood firm close the roads no cat was allowed to enter taxis were not working at all tyres were burned and roads were closed around 12 pm police came with guns try to stop the protest

No one slept there was lot of noise around 2am the bakkie from the mine was burned no one got hurt or injured they allow the guy to step out from the car

Few arrest has been made today the community decided to go to Ogies manucipality of which is Emalahleni  to answer     ?

Who gave the land to the mining company of which is South 32 because there are people who stays at that piece of land .

Is it stated on the IDP ?

The local offices for the manucipality are closed because the community want to burn the manucipality property as well as the bakkies/ vehicles

– They won’t stop untill they got all the answers

[30/05, 15:43] Lorraine-MP: There’s a meeting now at the community hall they are now proceeding to the police to gove their memorandium they don’t want South 32 at all if they don’t realise those community members they have done nothing wrong they are fighting for their rights,their land

Today if they don’t get answers N12 will be closed …