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Community alerts/Mmathapelo Thobejane/Ditoebeleng/29-05-2018, 15:43]

Same day 29/05/2018 After the meeting we took AWARD (Association for Water and Rural Development)  director and colleagues to mine stream to take samples at Hackney stream, Twickenham  stream and Motse river. They have visited us as part of the Oliphant catchment and they wanted to help to do water testing. During tour they told us about the Arsenic poison that is most common in underground water and mentioned that the poison is realised by stone and is very dangerous when consumed in high volume.  It was a great honour to have them and some of farmers enjoyed their Company. Along the road we find cow sing that was black in colour and the grass that was on top seems to change colour or dead. You can ask your self what is wrong with those cattle.  We manage to take samples and we hope the results will come soon. We are hoping that they will assist us in this matter. Thloba boroko ee!

Story by Mmathapelo Thobejane