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Water runs dry

Community Alerts/David Gaanakgomo/Tigane-Klerksdorp/20/06/2018

Tigane is the township which is known by most of the people for its water wells. The municipality built two reservoirs which could cover the whole community. Despite all these the certain extensions of the township’s taps run dry. Every morning extensions 4 and 6 don’t have water. The worst part of it Ext 6 water will be available for two to three hours a day. The reservoir which is built for the mine is the same size as the one built for the community. Next to our community is the abattoir of chicken owned by Country Bird Holding, which uses water 24 hours 7 days a week. This abattoir and the mine never stop production because of water shortage. Worse part of it the abattoir shares the two reservoirs with the community and it has the pipeline which is connected directly to the reservoir.

There are two small reservoirs built in extension 6 to supply extensions 4,5 and 6. These two reservoirs are supported by the two big reservoirs. When the water is low the pressure become less and the water will flow down to Ext 5 till it run dry as there is no pumping equipment to pump water to upper areas. While the abattoir is using kilolitres of water per hour the community suffer even to go to the bathrooms. It becomes impossible to use toilets as they are built inside the four roomed houses.


As we face a problem of sewer blockage, it become worse when the water is supplied to these areas. The sewer will come down on high level and lead to pressure being high and will find any opening to burst out.

In time which we are living the lives of human beings matter less than the capital. One will never hear that the abattoir does not have water because it supplies big franchises like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Nando’s. Life of a human being is given second preference by the system. Justice will never prevail as long as we keep quiet and say that the company’s providing employment whilst we suffer from that. By David Gaanakgomo