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Community alerts/ Eunice Mampa/ Ga- Mampa/12/06/2018

At Ga-mampa , we were having water problems but now that problem is solved because community donated R20.00 per household for transportation to the office of municipal , they were there at municipal office to tell them about the problem that we have and after seven days the municipal workers arrived at our place to fix the pump of our borehole .

And now we drink clean water from our dam , we are no longer buying 20 ltrs per day from neighbours


We were having shortage of water from October last year.

Our community leader they are the ones that visited municipal offices ( chief and his royal council).

Idea of contribution came from Our royal house.

There was no argument about contributing because we knew is for our own benefits.

Money was collected by royal council.

It made plus minus 2000. Some didn’t contribute.

Our royal council told them about our problem and in about seven days municipal workers came and fix our pump.

story by: Eunice Mampa