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Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/Moroke (Sekutlong)/1106/2018, 12:22]

I was so inspired when I saw a group of women doing a medicine of black people. What you see is a traditional Beer that is useful to us as black people because you can talk to the ancestors and other thing is that our brothers who use to drink it they say  is a free beer and it has an ability to do work ( protein). What worries me is that they are using water from Motse River and we know very well that the river is very contaminated.

12:44] Tokelo: This traditional Beer is a special beer because you can’t find it everywhere, you find it in a special occasion like weddings, the purpose of doing this on weddings is to alert the ancestors that you are no longer part of the family and if is son they introduce ? ( bride) to the family. Actually this Beer connect different ancestors to be one family.