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Community center turns in a mugging center

Community Alerts/David Gaanakgomo/Tigane-Klerksdorp/17/07/2018

The Vaal River Operations Social and Labour Plan approved to build a community sports and recreation center to the value of R4,0 million which was to be implemented in the second quarter of 2015. The hopes of the youth of Tigane were very high and looking forward to it. The facility was going to bring changes in the community as coaching sessions were anticipated and residents would receive accredited sports certificates. The community was going to have exposure to different sports codes, which will in turn, create opportunities for the children of Tigane to potentially play sports on a professional level. Now the place has turned into a mugging centre to residents. The stalls are now a place of drinking and drugs. During the day even the goats are grazing on the area. The council has to clean monthly as the community see it as a better dumping side for them as it is nearby. It is still not clear to what happened to the funds. There is not even consultation regarding the failed development. The area is not even closed. By David Gaanakgomo