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Mandela Day

Community alerts/ Oupa Dodovu/ Khuma-Klerksdorp North West/ 18/07/2018

Nelson Mandela Day was celebrated today throughout South Africa. In this piece, it was celebrated at Khuma location, east of the city of Klerksdorp in the Matlosana local municipality. Anglo Gold Ashanti, one of the mining giants in the country was in attendance. They were renovating a safe park where the orphans and vulnerable children of Khuma location, go after school to get their daily lunch and some after-school programmes. They also donated wheelchairs to disabled children and blankets. Since they have sold their stake in the mines in the surrounding areas, I possed a question of how do they plan to rehabilitate the land where mining has took place? the response was that they are still around and they are doing waste management. By Oupa Dodovu