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Replacing a problem with another problem

Community Alerts/Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof-Soweto/07/07/18

Residents of Diepkloof both Mogase view and old houses residents complain about the electricity that goes off every evening. These begun when Eskom introduced a new mini substation that cost a lot of money instead of servicing the ones that had no problem with the new mini substation.

The community is affected because there are sick people who keeps medication in the refrigerators and when there’s no electricity it’s a problem hence I’m stating that Eskom and the councillors are replacing a problem with another problem

These new mini substations trip every time and its either we wait for Eskom or the mini substation must be opened by force that means breaking its door if comes to a push because now its winter. Eskom must service these substations instead of creating problems, private companies are the ones installing these small new mini substations and there after no one from Eskom comes and check the work done by these private companies, Eskom only sends its employees when there are complaints that too will take time before attended to. By Rapule Moiloa