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Replacing an informal settlement with another

Community Alerts/ Rapule Moiloa/Diepkloof-Soweto/14/07/18



Motswaledi informal settlement started with a few shacks and more and more shacks filled the place behind Chris Hani hospital. These happened because many people came from different parts of the country to come settle in Gauteng and many found themselves homes at those shacks. Later in the years government bought the land and tenders to build RDP houses were awarded to an a contract and those I interviewd cannot recall its name.

It is sad because the land used to be a wet land but houses were built anyway, people were allocated in the RDP houses and today the same land that shacks were built on its becoming another place for an informal settlement maybe with a new name. The community has taken over the same land after the allocation of houses and more shacks will be build again and from the previous informal settlement to the new one though the land is the same but with different people they too are on waiting lists since 1996.

The ANC has promised since the beginning of time before elections as it was the most strongest, striking opposition than IFP but today it’s so weak it cannot make proper dicision. They can only tell the citizens about a bedloc that they have created,you go to Diepkloof zone 6 hostel houses were build when Tokyo Sexwale was the minister of housing but there’s no one who was allocated in those houses because it will affect many life’s with fights now the people are tired and frustrated because of these situations and they also tired of paying rent. The community only  want a piece of that land not an RDP house that’s all. By Rapule Moiloa