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Priority issues in Motlhabe village

Community Alerts/Lentswe Buda/Motlhabe – Rustenburg/06/08/18

Air pollution in Motlhabe village

Air pollution is a very serious threat to human health. Our local untarred roads cause us a lot of dust and we inhale it on daily basis. Motlhabe has been a mine hosting community for a decade now and the mine heavy vehicles also play a big role in worsening this situation. These nowadays children are born asthmatic because of the dust their mothers inhale and the unpurified water they consume during pregnancy.  But yet the community does not realize most of these issues as they lack knowledge. By Lentswe Buda
Water shortage in Motlhabe community

Clean purified water has always been an issue in Motlhabe.  From 1932 when Motlhabe was established the community never had proper access to clean water.  In the olden days, the only water source was river water and it was shared with all the living species.  Until around the 90s when they were provided with borehole water. The borehole did not solve the problem because it couldn’t provide even half of the community it takes days to have water from the tap. On May 2018 the Magalies Water was confronted and they promised to provide the community with water within a period of 3 months from a reservoir which is located in Motlhabe next to PPM. This should be followed until the community has a good water source. By Lentswe Buda
The  8 hours operating clinic of Motlhabe

The clinic of Motlhabe that provides more than 11 surrounding villages of 2wards. From may 2016 the clinic started operating half a day. The community was not consulted by this but they only posted papers on stores. People wake up early in the morning just to queue up at the clinic so they won’t be returned.  At sometimes you would find that the is no medication.  It is a serious risk to our lives and it costs us a lot during emergencies because you have to higher a car to take you to Moses Kotane hospital which is in Ledig and its a distance of about 40-50 kilometers.

The municipality claims that they lack professional nurses and they can not afford higher nurses so which is why more clinics will be closed. By Lentswe Buda