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Community alerts/ Margret Molomo/ Mokopane/26-08-2018, 17:32] :


CAS 225/7/2017 1. This case is for statutory offence in terms of provisions of section 49A of the National Environmental Management Act(NEMA)relating to1.1Commencement by the Mogalakwena local municipality with construction of a waste water treatment plant for Ivan plats mine without an environmental authorization.

1.2. It was also found that no EIA was conducted.

1.3 Of serious concern is that.

1.3.1.The municipality tried to hide skeletal remains uncovered during construction by burying them under a hip of waste soil. Section 36(6) of NHRA is thus also contravened and

1.3.2For two years now the skeletal remains are still exposed and not rescued. This is despite that on 22 May 2018 we travelled to Cape Town to meet with the interim CEO of SAHRA who promised to address the situation but not.

1.3.3.The CEO and Mrs Nkosazana Mashete are now suborned by the Public Protector for failing to cooperate with investigation of this matters relating with Ivan plaats.

1.3.4.In july 27 2018 SAHRA officials came to Mokopane at Ivan Plaats mine for site inspection. Dumisane Sibiya executive of SAHRA was leading the team. As i told u that all departments sectors, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE CORRUPT. Still waiting for a report, a report that we will never get it.

Story by : Margaret Molomo


Community alerts/Margret Molomo /Mokopane/26/06/2019, 8:35 PM]

Mokopane Limpopo.a canceller of ward 24  Ndizo Lamola from mogalakwena municipality. He is bizy pushing the agender of Ivan plats mine.he went to Ivan plats mine to invited them to come to see the damage that polluted water released from the mine has caused to the Kgubudi village without talking to the community. Ivan plats employees, Mr Lukas Bamboo,Verner Botha,Philip Rampisa,a young lady from Ivan plats and another employee from mogalakwena municipality.

When they arrived Gakgubudi Royal crall,Kopano Formation members asked them who invited you to come to the village. They told us is Ndizo Lamola.we asked them on which mandate, they failed to ansor and we Kopano Members we chased the away.Mr Lamola was very much angry.

Margret Molomo

Kopano Formation