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Human & environmental rights not considered

Community alerts, Yvonne Sampear, Mpumalanga, Phola, 2018/08/10

For 2 years now we’ve been complaining about the bridge which is a flood line near houses even when it rains water run into our houses…even in the IDP It was mentioned that the municipality is aware of this situation. In section 24 of the constitution it indicates that everyone has a right to an enviroment that is not harmful to their health or well being but people are still residing near fload lines.

RDP Houses are allocated in favour of male denominated strauces that municipality prioritize, 70% of poor residents of phola don’t have houses. people are still living in shacks but we are surrounded by 10mines.
There is no proper sanitation,water and electricity.
Phola is rich and pregnant with natural resources surrounded by them but people are very poor in these community, there are still homes where people are still going to bed hungry, they don’t have money to send thier children to school.
By Yvonne, Phola