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Illegal dumping

Community alerts/ Oupa Dodovu/ Jouberton-Klerksdorp North West/ 01/08/2018

Almost each and every corner where there is an open space in Jouberton has been turned into a dumping site. This is because is your put rubbish such as grass, leaves and other rubbish you get from cleaning your yard. The garbage collectors don’t dispose of the garbage bin claiming that it is too heavy to lift. This led the community to seek places to dispose of this waste. The municipality claims that there is no budget to provide containers that will be collected weekly. The worrying factor is that some children will end up eating things that they are not supposed to and this is a health hazard to them. Also, this is a windy month the smell from these dumping sites will affect the community severely because dead animals such as dogs and cats are being disposed at these sites. The municipality should provide us with a proper waste management system.