Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Land Grabb-Mumena Solwezi Zambia.

Shikamo Eliack/ YAD/North eestern/Zambia/9th July, 2018.
Patiently have we waited for the issue to be settled. Unfortunately the voice of the poor is going silently. Who is to speak for the poor. Why do authorities respect the rich. Why have institutions turned out to be for the rich. When will the poor people be heard. A year ago an article on Avantech and the mumena people was written I. The daily nation tabloid about 2800 hectares of land illegally sold to a man called Carol by some scrupulous people. The said business man has managed to convince all the authorities apart from His Royal highness that has adamantly stood for his people. Unfortunately all systems that are suppose to protect the people seem as if they have not heard of this. When will just come to Africa.
2008 hectares for one individual in the name of investment.