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Livestock Owners and SEJN Meet the General manager of Twickenham mine.

Community alerts/ Mmathapelo Thobejane/ Ditwebeleng village/21-08-2018

Today on the 21/08/2018 SEJN and Livestock owners representative from 8 villages meet the General manager after the commitment the Mine made on starting a project of cultivating grass to feed livestock  of the above mentioned villages.  The project had delays and the livestock owners wanted answers and updates of the project and they also want the compensation that was promised. The general Manager Dan Breet said that he did not receive the list as he asked for it but SEJN representative (Mmathapelo) managed to show him the email she send to Dpt of Social Performance and the GM email. We printed the list immediately and gave it to him after the meeting.  And he promise to get back to us as soon as he talked to the Protection services Dpt at the Mine those who will give full report or investigate.


The livestock owners agreed to start the project and be hands on by giving each task to perform.


  1. LAND (Livestock owners) and Mr Ntwampe
  2. Business plan/ project plan (Mmathapelo Thobejane and Mmutle Zachariah
  3. Financial model (Anglo Twickenham mine)
  4. Facilitate project ( Mmutle, Johannes ,Vincent and Corie)


We also agreed to meet after two weeks at the Project site. Were we will give report back on the task given.


Mmathapelo Thobejane (SEJN) and Mmatlou ( Social Performance administrator of Twickenham)  will be responsible to call the participants to the meeting that is scheduled to 10th September 2018.


At  Grazing (project site).


And we agreed that every details must communicated with Johannes Maakhudu so that the livestock owners are updated.

By Mmathapelo