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Phola community issues VS corporate industries and government


Community alerts,Alice Motsepe,Mpumalanga, Phola, 2018/08/9-10

1. Phola community is experiencing unrehabilitated mines which are burning under ground. houses,schools&clinics are cracking, trucks are making more pot holes in the roads, flowing / blocked sewerage and dust is the oder of the day. They also lack of health facilities, there is blasting, slp is not complied with and no committment. There is only one clinc, air pollution from kusile and Kendal power stations is also a problem, there is lack of service delivery and lack of land ownership. In Addition there is harmful substance in the atmosphere resulting in damage to the environment and human health
2. We experience High rate of health problems & water sanitation, over population, death of young & old in abandoned mines, displacement/ relocation of community, unemployemet rate is high, there is lack of safety on livestock and is effected by the mines. We want mines to visit commuity & implement awareness they polluted the air and we experience more sickness like Heart diseases ,sinuses,TB,asthma,eye irritation and lung diseases.

3.  There are also Smelling chemicals & we will have a sick generation which means there will be on chronic medications and we will have no healthy future generations. They are violating our constitutional rights and eskom is failing communities who lack education through sponsorship and the poor, it gets coal and supply us with expence electricity which is always off because of load shedding.