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Poor Service Delivery

Community alerts/ Francina Nkosi/ Lephalale/06/08/2018/ 20:46]

In Lephalale there is a rural place called Shongoane that consist of 4 sections. All this sections are being helped by one section which is Shongoane.

Shongoane 1 is where the clinic is situated and it consists of Stevebiko, Phahladira and Melville then Shongoane 2 consists of Matladi and the new stands called Marikana. Shongoane 3 consists of Ga-Monyeki and new stands behind the stadium, not forgetting Shongoane 4 that is Bangalong.


It takes 5to 10 km for communities to reach the clinic for health care .Every village need to be provided with a mobile clinic to save communities from travelling long distance to access health care. We tend to lose innocent Souls because of lack of medication. Providing the right service at the right time in the right place will save lives.

By Francina Nkosi