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Community alerts/ Tokelo Mahlakoane/ Moroke Sekutlong/09/08/2018 16:36]

There’s a National Road called R37, Along the Road there’s a bridge that separate Two villages which is Sekutlong and Thokoane. That bridge doesn’t in a good stand. I took a walk I found a crack when Big Trucks pass you can hear sound and the bridge that shaking. It’s like it can collapse anytime.

The Rumours said ” when the government do Access Road that pass through Sekutlong village, the purpose is to blast the Bridge and build other one So the community of Sekutlong they are afraid because they think they will loss their children even their house are not in safe space, because one day they can find a car in their yard incidentally so” if is true you can see the government doesn’t think about other people what they care is money.

Story by Tokelo Mahlakoane