Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Quarry Mining Disregarded area of Extraction by CSO.

Shikamo Eliack/YAD/North Western Province Zambia.

Through community transient walks I have come across many Quarry mine business that have environmental effect as they create deforestation. Many quarry business do not have CSR plans for communities. I wish not to be segrgateive in my remarks, I have found most of these quarry business are owned by our Chinese friends. My questions are, Is there a way we can penetrate Chinese investment and advocate for community spaces of development? It remain a fact that mine and construction investments in Africa are being taken over by Chinese firms. Hence engagement with these friends of ours would create a positive impact in transforming our societies. Many African leaders have played silent on ethical breaches with regard to social operating lisences by many of our friends. Many lands have been left with ditches that our environment management units have never gone to refill. In this regard I wish to ask those of our friends with links to Chinese embassies to consider engaging them.

This will contribute highly to achieving of sustainable development. We have for many years afforded to engage the western firms as they give us ears but for other investors other than them we have failed as CSO to start advocacy work for our people we speak for.