Community alerts, Vusi Mabaso, Mpumalanga, Vosman, 2018/08/09

Reports on the mining problems
1.The mining problem in Mpumalanga Emalahleni Vosman can only be solved if we the Activists can get proper training and we come together with the NGO’s and enforce the law to the authorities (DMR, DEA, ELM)as they are failing to do their jobs because of selfishness and greedyness. We need proper consultation for mining companies with communities, health care from Mine’s as they are the sources of dust, blasting, the cracked houses and the diseases caused in our community.
2.We have to start by raising awareness to the communities sothat even those who thought the mines are good can know the dangers of mines and by so doing we will have their support. The mines must make sure that the safety of the community members is prioritised and are being informed whenever there is a blasting taking place, community developments by the mines be there and benefit the affected community
3. The damages done by mines must be accounted for, people must also learn and understand the impacts and document them,We also have to teach the community how to write alerts and get used to posting on social media, then it will be easy for them to report on the green scorpion this will
cause havoc as the green scorpion number will not rest.
By Voocy akaMabaso
From VEM (Vukani Environmental Movement)