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Residents Fear Land Grab by RUISA investments

Steve 17th August 2018

5,000 Residents of Jifumpa Community of Kasempa District of Zambia face uncertainty as their livelihood land is potentially being grabbed from them by RUIDA Investment LTD. These are negative effects of Large Scale Land Based Investments. The community needs a loud voice to serve their land and only identity.

This was a meeting that was held at the boma conference hall in Kasempa to discuss the way forward over Jifumpa mining in which the community members nullified and the mine has since bowed to the first community demand of Ruida JIfumpa mine to hold a scoping meeting in Jifumpa community

As Civil Society Organizations we need to find a way of creating spaces to strengthen the community voice that has already said no to letting their land go with or without crop compensation. They community needs to be capacity built so that they are able to demand for their land rights without fear. This voice is what we should endeavor to strengthen.