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Shame of Living with a disabled child

Community alerts, Yvonne Sampear, Mpumalanga, Phola, 2018/06/28

Meanwhile we where buzy with the health screen survey we came across a woman, she is hiding and feeling ashamed of her disable child.
The child can’t talk, she said after she gave Birth she didn’t notice that the child is disable until after some years she went to the hospital and reported that the child can’t talk, the answer she got from the nurse’s was that she must train the child at home.
As a single parent it’s hard for her because she is unemployed, living in a shack and she has been applying for RDP house and looking after her child. She said she doesn’t  get help from the Govement
she also said mining campanies are not developing the comnunity and they don’t even recognise people living with disability

By Yvonne, Phola