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The community of Monametse is living in a cloud of dust

Community alerts/ Clifford Mohuba / Atok, Monametse/21-08-2018, 20:45]

it has been some years now as  community of monametse facing the dust made by Bokoni platinum mine’s on their gravel roads to their shafts

the roads is being made by mine waste

that we don’t know how safe it is to our health when inhaling the dust, and it’s been nightmare to motorist’s as the road is now bumpy since no one take care of it since the mine is now placed on care and maintenance.

And during this windy season it’s hard for us to even walk on a street as it results in itching of the eyes cause of the dust and it seems as the mine are not willing to do anything  sooner, the very sad part of it is that now the road is being used more often by the illegal chrome miners truck which is even worse to the community.


Story by: Clifford Mohuba