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Victory over corruption

Community alerts,Lorraine Kakaza, Mpumalanga, Carolina, 2018/08/01

oday the community of Bossworth stood firm together with one voice to stop the mining company called Chelmsford colliery

People were told that today they must come to the gate for job opportunities in the new washing plant but there were some members of the forum taking money from people that they will get jobs. We tried to call the lady who deals with SLP’s asking her for a meeting to resolve this crisis she did not agree with us and today we woke up  early in the morning and went straight to the gate to address the people about this matter , said a community member. The secu guards  and  the police were called, said Comrade Tshabalala and they took me to the mine office then I told them that no one will be employed using the corrupt forum and lucky enough they agreed with me and the forum  didn’t  have  powers and we as the community of Bosworth  we decided to take a decision to form a new forum, which will hold it’s first meeting Monday that’s how we stop corruption

This was a victory for us in the province of KZN  in Newcaste