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Community alerts/ Mmathapelo Thobejane/ Ditwebeleng/06/08/2018/ 06:31]

In our communities people regards rivers and dongas as the transporter of waste.

This is also happening in Ditwebeleng village in the Burgersfort area were you will find all sort of waste dump in the river banks. You might ask yourself why people do this kind of injustice to our environment they don’t care about the danger it might cause to our societies, Disposable nappies are dump in the river banks, glass domestic waste. I once ask one of the community why are they putting people’s health endanger because in our communities we still use river water to drink, my source told me that the main reason for this is because there’s no service delivery our municipality don’t provide our rural villages with waste collection.  And the most important thing is that the use of disposable nappies is increasing each day because people think it saves water but on the other thing is a challenge because it is non recyclable.


This is not the only the waste our communities experience that is harmful to their well-being and health big corporations dump their waste on the road they pave our roads with the soil from underground that contains chemicals that are used to plastic the big rocks. Contaminated water coming from their operation.


Tshila ke thloba boroko metseng ya  borena..kenako yagore batho  ba emelele go lwela ditokelo tsa bona  tsa go phela tokulogong eo  ehlwekilego gape lego boledisana le Mmasepala le meepo ka mananeo ao aka hlwekisahago tikologo.

People lost dignity and they find peace staying with rubbish/Waste and this must be change.

Story by : Mmathapelo Thobejane