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Community alerts/ Margret Molomo/ Mokopane/11/08/2018, 01:21]

In Mokopane Limpopo province 8km from town that’s where a river called Magopane is found. This river pass thru 1 town ship and 7 villages which are Madiba, Masetlhaneng, Mahwelereng location, kgaba, Masodi, Maroteng, Moshate and patlama.The is no more activism on this river. The villagers use to get fresh water, do their laundry ,children use to enjoy their swimming from this river, cattle , goats, donkeys and sheep use to drink from this beautiful river but now our beautiful river is badly polluted. The second one is a perennial small river called Mosesetjane river it use to serve Mosetjane community, Magongwa, Masodi and Tshamahanzi villagers. And its also polluted. Cattles are dying when drinking water from this stream.

All this changes of livelihood, it is cause by the mines.

Story by Margaret  Molomo

Kopano Formation