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women of phola feel sidelined

Community alerts, Yvonne Sampear, Mpumalanga, Phola, 2018/07/15

women of phola feel sidelined.Mining company called South 32 has opened another extension in Phola which is very close to the community. No consultations were made but the mining company is operating
A meeting was called and ended up in a mess because of greedy males.
The mining company is only communicating with males and don’t want to hear what are the issues of women and their challenges.
Poverty hits more on women’s livelihood and some of this women are over 40 years, they cant be employed in the mine.
Women of Iraq in Phola as well as other sections want to know what are they going to benefit that is going to sustain their livelihoods and south32 don’t want to give them an opportunity to express thier feelings,hopes,fears and expectations.
All we benefit from them is the dust, sunises, TB, cracks in our houses….this all hit on women
By Yvonne, phlola